Half Day Food Yoga Session

Half Day Food Yoga Session

We begin this Half day Yoga Food tour in the early morning, a time ideal for Yoga, but if you prefer we can arrange evening sessions too.


Yoga Introduction

This session begins with learning the basics of Yoga and its principles. You will also be taught some simple to complex Yoga postures also known as Yogasanas by trained instructors. These postures have their base in ancient scriptures and have many benefits like curing many body ailments, bringing a sense of well being and peace and stretching the body. But the main focus of these exercises to help mitigate the harmful effects that the dietary habits of a modern life style bring upon the digestive system and overall health. These Yoga exercises will help you keep yourselves healthy with focus on proper food and yoga exercises.

Breathing exercises (Pranayama)

Once you have learnt the Yogasanas, you will be taught various breathing exercises to calm the mind. These techniques are called PRANAYAMA. They help in giving you a sense of peace, relieving stress and rejuvenating the mind. The trained instructor will help you master these techniques so that you can practise them back home. You will be guided into a meditation after that , which is to bring peace to the restless mind.

Yoga food with benefits

Now you’ll be served sattvic Yogic food to help cleanse your body and mind. Completing the Yoga session, you will learn the basics of Yoga Foods and how they benefit the mind, body and soul. You will also be guided regarding the preparations of nourishing and tasty vegetarian meals. While preparing the foods the feelings of the person cooking these foods are also taken into consideration.

Duration: 4 hours.
Includes: Yoga class, breakfast or dinner, transportation from central Delhi.
Price: INR 6500 (US $ 108) for one guest., INR 4500 for each extra guest. (US $ 75)