Full Day Food Yoga Session

Full Day Food Yoga Session

We can begin this tour in the morning or early afteroon as per your preference. Transport from your hotel will be provided. As you reach the Yoga studio or home, a light nourishing Yogic meal will be provided.


Introduction to Food Yoga and performing Yogasanas.

As we begin this Yoga session, you will be introduced to this ancient science, as you gradually understand the basis of this regimen. These Yoga asanas are meant to help whole of your body and your digestive system in particular. Living the modern lifestyle,  People abuse their digestive system a lot by eating junk and hard to digest food and pay the price with resulting bad health. These yoga exercises will help you mitigate the effects of bad effects of such a lifestyle.  The trained and qualified instructor will guide you into performing various Yoga postures called Yogasanas and will also answer your questions.   After learning the foundation of Yoga, you will be taught some very simple breathing exercises which have their roots in the Indian scriptures. After this , a short period of meditation will follow, bringing relaxation. You can practice these techniques back home for a stress free life.  Post Yoga session you may want to rest a little and compare notes with fellow mates or clear your doubts by talking to the Yoga instructor. You can also spend the time relaxing . 

Yogic diet introduction

  After rest you will gain some information about the unique Yoga food and Yogic diet. This sattvic diet forms the basis for effective Yoga practice. This is beneficial for the body as well as the mind. This simple vegetarian meal preparations that you will be taught are nutritious and wholesome. The guests can also choose to attend a small cooking demo in which they can learn how to cook these simple meals.

Duration: 7-8 hours.
Includes: Yoga class, 2 meals, breakfast and lunch or lunch and dinner, transportation from central Delhi.
Price: INR 10000 (US $ 166) for one guest., INR 7500 for each extra guest. (US $ 125)