Food Yoga

Food Yoga

yoga07Depending on climatic conditions, religious beliefs and local produce, the food culture in India varies at lot. There is a vast difference in the type of cuisine you find in North India and Soutn India or Western India. The food culture in India depends a lot on its religions, beliefs and traditions, of which the vegetarian diet is of prime importance. Indian food is rich in taste, textures and spices. There is a lot of variety you will come across with respect to Indian cuisine. There is a lot of heritage involved with the food culture in Delhi as its heritage comes from different parts of India and outside.

The food culture represents a wonderful mix of taste and history. Delhi is well known for its fascinating array of street foods. Ranging from North Indian, Awadhi, Afghani and Punjabi to mouth watering Mughlai, the street food from joints operating since generations will fascinate you. Not known to many, Delhi also hosts a wide variety of healthy and wholesome Yoga foods, which are advantageous to both the body and the mind.

The benefits of Yoga

Yoga means the wonderful union of mind, body and soul along with communion to Cosmic Consciousness. It aids in bringing peace to the mind, a blissful, happy state and internal harmony. This is an age-old Indian practice and hosts many benefits such as healing the body through Yoga postures (Yogasanas), higher awareness and clarity of the mind. These timeless traditions from the scriptures of India are designed to bring benefits for life. For those spiritually minded guests we offer a Yoga tour or class combined with Yoga foods.

Yoga food- Food for the soul

Yoga is a way of life rather than some postures. A great combination of art and science, Yoga shows you the way to a balanced life, with its blend of asanas and Yoga foods. Yoga food is essentially vegetarian food which is fresh, wholesome, nutritious and lightly spiced, where the natural benefits of the ingredients involved are preserved to a large extent. Instead on dividing the components of food into proteins, carbohydrates and fats, Yoga classifies food based on the life force or Prana it gives the body. These are called SATTVIC foods and they aid in purifying the body and mind

For our guests we offer a total package including Yoga basics and Yoga foods in a peaceful setting.

Food Yoga  Sessions

For guests willing to learn the basics of Yoga, this tour is a perfect choice. Instead of the usual sightseeing here we offer you something unique for your soul. This Food Yoga class can be designed for half a day or a full day ( 8 hours) according to the preference of the guests. Here you will get the opportunity to learn about the basics and many benefits of Yoga combined with breathing exercises and meditation in a perfect peaceful surrounding of a Yoga studio or home. The yogic exercises help the practitioner maintain good health by special focus on digestive system and proper balance of wholesome nutritious food in daily life.   Apart from Yoga principles you can also learn about different Yoga foods and their preparations, if you wish. An optional Yoga food cooking class can be incorporated for the cooking enthusiasts. The Food Yoga classes listed here can be personalised to suit your requirements.